Support Raise the Dough

Support comes in so many forms that you are bound to find a way (or two) that you can help!

One Mission, Many Ways to Help

We need willing people who can give their time and their money. When goals are created, they seem too lofty to accomplish. That is because we think just a small group cannot possibly accomplish something so big.

But that is precisely why we dream big! Because we know that our God is amazing and a little help from many individuals is far more powerful than all the effort of a few.

So, don’t be overwhelmed that you can’t make a difference because the numbers we are able to reach every year are attributed to people like you who do the little things well and are faithful in doing what they can!

Let us help you find your calling and how you can best support our mission!

I Can Give My Time

Help us by giving your time in the following ways:

  • Event Planning
  • Event Set-up and/or Tear-down
  • Connecting with Families
  • Being a Prayer Warrior
  • Meal Prepping/Cooking
  • Gathering Financial Needs
  • Marketing
  • Paperwork and Support
  • Listening to Families and Being Present in Their Lives
  • Promoting Awareness Through Word of Mouth
  • Sharing Our Posts on Social Media to Broaden our Reach
  • Helping Us Tell Our Story and the Stories of Our Families
  • Other – We Would Love to Hear About How You Can Help!

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I Can Give My Money

Every gift makes a difference and it all adds up in incredible ways. You can give in a number of different manners! We are set up for one-time gifts and monthly giving. You can give by mail or online. You can also designate your gift to a specific family.

Know that anything you give is handled with care and directly impacts a child!

We recognize that though we give to this mission, these funds are not ours. Rather, we’re attempting to be good stewards of the funds, as we match giver with recipient and witness adoptions increase for the glory of God.

The Costs for Adoption are Out of Reach for Many Families

Did you know that while 1/3 of Americans have considered adoption, only 2% actually adopt? Our goal is to eliminate cost as a barrier that might prevent families from providing a healthy home to a child who needs one. Will you join us in this mission?

Families that Need Your Help:

Join the mission by becoming a: