Pray for our Families & our Mission

We know that God hears our prayers and cares for children even more than we can imagine. So, why shouldn’t we reach out and pour out our desires to Him?

We all know the power of prayer. How will your prayers impact the lives of children and our families?

Won’t you join us in these prayer requests?

  • Pray for families to rise up ready for adoption
  • Pray for our current families we are supporting, for strength and peace
  • Pray for the children waiting for willing parents and forever families
  • Pray for the planning of fundraising events
  • Pray for our board members and staff, for clear direction
  • Pray for the mission to remain focused and effective
  • Pray for awareness for Raise the Dough and its mission
  • Pray for a steady flow of funds
  • Pray for continued success for Raise the Dough – not for our glory, but to point others to our Amazing Creator

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, pray prayers of THANKS for all that has been done so far. We have so much to be thankful for! Our God is AMAZING!

We are thankful for supporting dozens of families so far, for financially supporting those families in their adoption, for adding a staff member to focus and intensify our efforts, and for amazing volunteers and partners who commit to praying for more than we could ever think is possible! 

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