National Doughnut Day

Support Adoption with a sweet treat and a gift to Raise the Dough!

National Doughnut day is coming soon!

Friday, June 4th

Be ready to eat some doughnuts!  Here’s how to join in the fun!

1. Support Adoption! 

Make a gift to Raise the Dough. In fact, we are asking for people to become one of the 600 families who are actively supporting adoption. Your gift will go directly to a family ready to adopt.

2. Celebrate the day! –

Celebrate your gift towards adoption by picking up or baking a doughnut or two.

3. Share our Story –

Please share our story and pray for our current and past families.  

What began as a fundraising event for one adopting family has turned into a fundraising event for an organization that is consistently saying “YES” to new adopting families. On National Doughnut Day, we specifically want to raise funds for these families and cover them in a blanket of prayer and support!

So celebrate with us and say “YES” to supporting adoption financially. A little goes a long way (just $15.50 per month or $185 per year). Become a 600 family today!

Want to know more about our 600 Families Campaign and where your money is going?


Our 600 Families Campaign is the primary vehicle used to fuel adoptions. This requires that 600 families stand with us every year by committing a monthly recurring or an annual gift on our 600 Families page. We encourage gifts of $15.50/month or $185/year, but with any gift you make on our 600 Families page, you will be recognized as a family supporting adoption.

Keep in mind, 100% of those funds are given directly to the families we support through Raise the Dough. This enables us to partner with families pursuing adoption and gives us the capacity to help offset the high costs that accompany this calling. So please join us and claim your spot in the campaign for 2021 at or find it through our donate button.

Join us in saying “Yes!” to supporting adoption!