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Zach and Amie

Status: Child Adopted!

Hi everyone! We are the Nelson family. I am Amie and my husband is Zach, we are high school sweethearts (I love saying that) and have been married for 14 years. We have 2 biological boys, Reed & Grady and one daughter Darline (pronounced Dah-leen) who we adopted from Haiti…she has been home almost 2 years. Just a few months after we brought her home, we were informed that her younger biological brother Waldo was placed at the same orphanage as she was previously. He is two years younger than Darline and will turn 7 in April. Without a doubt we felt like we knew what God was calling us to do and started the paperwork to make sure we could try and reunify them. The first several months home are such a huge transition and within that storm we tried to focus as much as possible on moving forward with his paperwork, but it definitely took more time. Because of the time it took to bring our daughter home, many things had expired and or needed redone, so finally this last fall we were able to send our complete set papers to Haiti. Since October we have been waiting for a referral, once we receive that update we will travel to Haiti and spend a week with him. After traveling and being approved to be matched with him the process will actually begin and our agency predicts an 8-12 month timeline until home. Every day we are more and more certain that God will make a way and our hearts are being prepared for this new transition. We know it will help our daughter having her brother here with her daily, she misses him dearly.

We are aware the adoption journey is a hard one…it is made up of brokenness and at times it’s so overwhelming, but as we continue to keep our eyes focused on Jesus and his plan for us we are reminded of the incredible amount of hope within. The wait this time feels different than before and I’m sure it’s because we have a face and a name, we know his history and he knows who we are. I was actually lucky enough to get to meet him and love on him for a day in August when going on a mission trip. He looks just like his sister just minus the beautiful long braids, haha! He is sweet as can be and just ready to “be in Indiana with his family” as he tells everyone.

Thank you for joining us on our journey as we continue to fight to bring our son home to his forever family!! We are certain God will make a way!

Bondye beni ou! (God bless you in Creole)

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