Sponsored Family:

Timothy and Carrie

Status: Child Adopted June 2016!

Timothy and Carrie met and began dating nearly 14 years ago at Grace College. Now residing in Waynesboro PA the Clothier’s spend their their time enjoying the three children God has blessed them with and preparing to welcome #4 to the family. Timothy works the Grace Church in Waynesboro and is privileged to serve as their Senior Pastor. Carrie teaches a “Tumbling Tots” gymnastics class at the YMCA for 2 and 3 year old kids (which Tim likes to joke is a feeder program for the Olympics). Their children are Allegra (7), Adelaide (3) and Tucker (18 months).

Thank you for joining our adoption journey are we bring home “Toddler T” from China! Our new little guy will be 2 this coming June.

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