Sponsored Family:

Stephen and Brandilyn

Status: Child Adopted!

“Adoption has been on my (Brandilyn’s) heart for a long time. I began sponsoring children in Columbia, Ecuador, and Honduras through Compassion International in 2011 and fell in love with those little girls. I had the amazing opportunity to visit each country twice to meet my girls, and each time I wished I could bring those little girls home with me. I am so thankful for the relationships I have with these sponsored children and know that God brought each one of them into our lives for a reason. Before Stephen and I got married, we discussed our desire to become parents and how we were open to whatever path to parenthood God had for us.

We chose to start our family biologically, however, we were open to growing our family through adoption whether we were able to have biological children or not. We tried to get pregnant for 2 years and after 1 miscarriage and finding out that I have a blocked Fallopian tube, we decided not to pursue further fertility treatments and started looking into adoption. Every time things start to feel overwhelming, we feel God step in and give us a peace that we know can only come from Him. We are trusting God for the finances to come through, and we believe that He has already chosen our child for us.”

Pastor Steve Meek of the River Valley Church states: “I met Stephen and Brandilyn Hetzel 2 years ago when they started attending River Valley Church where I serve as a Pastor. Brandilyn has faithfully invested her time and passion in our Kids Ministry as an elementary teacher. Stephen has served in our Student Ministry focusing on our middle school boys, teaching them about the Bible and modeling how a man should act. I have absolute trust and faith in them as they care and invest in the next generation. They both have always shown great patience and kindness towards the kids, students, and parents at River Valley Church. I have personally observed them interact, teach, and care for these families. They are committed to Jesus, the church, and each other.

Stephen is employed as a Shipping Coordinator for Stair Supply and Brandilyn is employed as an HR Coordinator for Challenger Door.

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