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The Metler family has exciting news. We are growing our family through domestic adoption. As we’ve been seeking and praying about the future God has for our family, we’ve found comfort from the story of Joseph in Genesis 37–50. The theme of Joseph’s story is God bringing good out of grief and hardship. This has helped inspire us to follow God’s call in welcoming a new child into our home.

Just as God brought good from the things that were intended to harm Joseph in Genesis, we have seen God bring good and beauty out of the trials we’ve faced in growing our family. Our struggles to conceive brought us to opening our home to foster children. As hard as fostering has been, it has also brought us joy. In November of 2019 we were able to adopt our son Drew from the foster care system. We thank the Lord for him daily!

Deciding to open our home and hearts to another child was not the biggest challenge with this adoption. Instead, it was coming to grips with the sizable financial barrier we would have to overcome to bring this child home. Our adoption is estimated to cost around $45,000. We have been trusting God that he would provide a way to make this happen. Since beginning this journey, we have managed to set aside one-third of the overall cost ourselves. Beyond that, we have been blessed to partner with a non-profit organization, Lifesong for Orphans, to help raise funds. We’ve also received a $5,000 matching grant from Raise the Dough. With the help of these partners and some other fundraising efforts to come, we are confident that we can raise the remaining funds we need. But we need your help and support!

As the Lord has prepared us and walked with us this far, we will continue to take steps forward with confidence in him, his timing, and his providence. We are beyond excited about the child who will eventually join our family. And we are excited for you to be a part of our journey.

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