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Matt and Laura

Status: Child Adopted May 2017!

We are Matt & Laura Green. We are currently in the process of adopting the newest addition to our family, Evelyn, from China. Our adoption story actually starts in 2010. After being diagnosed with infertility, we quickly decided that God was going to add to our family in a less conventional way.

In 2010 we completed our home study and worked with an adoption agency that matched waiting embryos with families. We were chosen by a family to adopt their frozen embryos and received the amazing gift of not only adopting, but also the gift of experiencing pregnancy. Our son William was born in 2011. We tried embryo transfers three times but two of the pregnancies resulted in miscarriage.

We wanted to continue to grow our family, but decided that a more traditional adoption may be a better option due to past pregnancy complications. We were first looking to adopt domestically, but felt God drawing our hearts to international adoption. In the beginning of 2016, we started the lengthy paperwork process of international. We were matched with a 12 month old baby girl in November 2016. We are nearing the end of all that paperwork now and would do it all again for her. It is amazing how much you can love someone you have never even met. God’s love allows us to love like that. Adoption is not without cost, financial and emotional, but it is all worth it!

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