Sponsored Family:

Lee and Becca

Status: Child Adopted August 2018!

Lee and Becca have been married for a little over 11 years now. They spent the beginning years of their marriage focused on their united calling of helping children by working in public education as a teacher/principal (Lee) and a mental health counselor (Becca). While they continue to be very passionate about serving children in and through their professions, their hearts’ deepest desire is to have a family of their own. After many years of struggling through the ups and downs of fertility treatments, God has led them faithfully on the journey towards adoption.

It is with much patience and great faith in a loving God that they know that their story will work out just as it should. It is an exciting time for them to watch God show up and bless them as they pray for the opportunity to have and love children of their own as they have loved and invested in so many through their service in the schools.

The Sniders are so encouraged and blessed by Raise the Dough and their partnership of emotional and financial assistance as they patiently wait for the blessing of parenthood to begin.

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