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Hi friends and family! You’ve likely heard that we’re adopting, but we’d like to also share a bit of our journey with you! It started back years before we were married, or even knew each other. Larry became interested in adoption through volunteering at a Chinese orphanage during the year and a half he lived overseas, and Jenna’s eyes were opened during college through a chapel speaker who described the plight of orphans around the world.

As we each considered our own state- lost and alone in the world without Christ apart from the great love with which he loved us and grafted us into His family- we have had a growing burden to mirror that love by adopting a child into our family.

We desired to start our family soon after marriage, and while diagnosed infertility made this a challenge, our burden to bring a child into our family through adoption only grew. During the time from about 2016 until now, God met us in numerous ways. The encouragement and prayers of others, Jenna’s friend giving her ‘Seasons of Waiting’, Larry recommending a book on adoption to Jenna, through several corrective sermons at Trinity Evangelical Church, and through studying parts of the New Testament with Jenna’s BSF gals have all served to show God’s mercy. Larry had previously undergone years of training in waiting so as he solidly stood by Jenna, these years seemed to be her turn in the training ground of patiently trusting and waiting for God’s sovereign plans while deepening her love for God in the midst of longing for children.

The Bible says that children are a gift from the Lord, a reward, arrows in the hand of a warrior, and a heritage from the Lord. Whether God gives children from our own bodies or from another, we long to use our time on earth to raise up children, and what better way than to bring someone without a forever home into our life and hearts and home to know our love and Christ’s love for them.

During a walk in the fall of 2019, Larry asked Jenna, “What is your dream job?” While she paused, he knowingly answered, ‘To be a mom. Let’s get started on adoption early next year.” This started the multi-year mission of bringing a child without a family into our home to be a part of our family. Starting this mission had been years in the making.

Galatians 6:2 tells us to carry one another’s burdens. We have been moved so much farther through the prayers and encouragements of friends and family members. We covet your prayers through the ups and downs, delays and immense joys of the journey. We are personally invested in this with about $18,000 financed so far, $2000 coming from a cutting board fundraiser and generous gifts last fall.

LifeSong, an organization that specializes in bringing orphaned children into families, recently chose us for a matching grant through an organization who partners with them called Hands of Hope. The first $3000 donated to us will be matched by them which doubles your help in carrying this burden with us. Receiving the full $6000 would put us just under the remaining projected $10,000 needed!

We would love to have you join us on this journey by partnering with us prayerfully or financially to bring our little one home. Please let us know if you have any questions that we can answer or would like to know more.

Donate through MyStory:

Donate through MyStory:

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