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Joel and Becky

Status: Funds Raised - Awaiting Adoption

We have a lot of cute kids! No- seriously, we really do. They are unbelievably cute, in fact, and have the most diverse and dynamic personalities you’ll find in any group of people- anywhere!

Hudson has personality oozing from every pore as he tips his glasses and winks for the camera, charming everyone he meets. Audra would enthusiastically tackle you, as look at you. Faith will organize your life and make it crazy efficient with her little trash inventions. Poppy, who is tiny bc of her diagnosis, will size you up and take control before you can say “AWWWWW!” Her smiles are perfection and her glares are legendary. Gabi is our glue… although, she did just drink chai tea last night with a big syringe…. And Brooks is our cherry on top… everything he does is, well, unbelievably cute.

So why not add 2 more into the mix, right? That was not exactly how we approached this adoption. In fact, it started years ago with a reminder from God of a picture He gave me in high school of 2 black sons. I reminded Him that our house was too small, our car was too small, and my energy was… too small? Within weeks, He took care of the house, and we obeyed in faith that the rest would come.

After finding our two amazing new boys, and fielding affirmation after affirmation that this was God’s plan, we were delayed repeatedly until we found ourselves stuck pushing paperwork and raising money smack-dab in the middle of a pandemic.

With income slashed 3 different ways, God has still moved our adoption forward, affirmed our love and connection to our new boys and brought us to this point- what we believe is the last leg of our adoption journey.

We feel lead to finish our fundraising, build our soon-to-be-needed wheelchair ramps, save for/buy our ginormous vehicle, and shore up our relationships with God and each other with the power of the Holy Spirit because it’s about to get real here at the Roman house!

We know God has moved hearts to link arms with us during this time, and we are incredibly thankful and encouraged! We are praying that, like He did with Gideon, that God would come through in mighty ways while resources are scarce, and that our family would emerge from this pandemic with two more sons and a testimony to shout through the generations of God’s great work among His people!

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