Sponsored Family:

Joel and Becky Roman

Status: Child Adopted February 2017!

Hi! We are the Roman family! God blessed us with three beautiful daughters before calling us to adopt. Five years ago we adopted a baby boy with MPS 2, and then last year God entrusted us with another baby boy with Schizencephaly and Down Syndrome. We thought we were done! But in March this year, we learned that God has other plans! A friend sent us a file of a little girl with MPS 7, a different form of the same disease our 5 year old has. MPS is progressive, which means that kids start typically, but since they are missing an enzyme that breaks down cellular waste, slowly every system in the body begins to clog and causes failure.

Having this diagnosis in an orphanage in China means that our little “Poppy Mae” has been through way too much already in her short life. But if she has to endure the slow progression of this disease, we want her to do it with us… in a loving family. We’ve got so many contacts in the MPS community, and because of the medical trial our 5 year old son is in Chicago, Poppy has the best care waiting for her! There is also an enzyme replacement trial here in the US that she would never be able to be part of in China.

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