Sponsored Family:

Eric and Tammy

Status: Child Adopted September 2018!

Well, I am still in awe as I write this bio of our family. We are Eric and Tammy Lane. We have been married 20 years and have three children…Brooke, Brayden, and now we are a blessed family with a baby girl, Lily, who we adopted in September. A year ago, we would have never imagined the life we would have today. In 2010, God called Eric and I to step out in faith, quit our jobs and begin our local homeless shelter. We knew that our lives would be forever changed but never imagined we would become a family of 5. Our baby girl’s birth mother was a resident at the shelter who asked us if we would be willing to adopt her. We had already had her overnight a couple of times and had fallen completely in love with her and we had been fervently praying for her well being even before her birth. Brooke was at the hospital when she was born and had texted us saying that she would do anything for this baby. Instant love. Brayden had been praying for us to adopt for at least 4 years and telling us that God was telling him that we were adopting. My response…”Well, God needs to tell us that.” 🙂 And guess what? He did.

I had miscarried four years ago and we knew it was in Gods perfect plan. We were at peace with it but that desire to be parents again was still deep inside. God was stirring something inside of me for about a year and I knew it had to do with change but I couldn’t put my finger on it. We were in prayer about what that looked like and that whatever it was it was God’s leading. I had spoke to a friend as this stirring was happening and she said, “God knows the desire of your heart.” She was right. Although the adoption was unexpected and unplanned according to our plans, God knew the perfect plan for our lives. We can look back and see how our minds and hearts were being prepared for a long time. Since it had been 15 years since we had a baby and weren’t planing on adoption, we didn’t have the immediate funds or any baby care items. And let us attest that, when you say yes to God and His plan, He WILL provide. Our wonderful life group and friends began bringing items needed and meals. We had all of our immediate needs met within a day. And then comes the connection with Raise the Dough that God led us to that helped with the cost of the adoption, which was an amazing blessing and a miracle. The process was so quick that there would not have been a way for Eric and I to afford the adoption without Raise the Dough. We are forever grateful to our amazing and unexplainable God and for Tobe and the amazing team of Raise the Dough. Thank you for your provision and making our family complete.

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