Sponsored Family:

Cody and Autumn

Status: Child Adopted!

Autumn and I met at Pensacola Christian College in 2011, and were married in March of 2015. We enjoyed working with kids while we served at Camp CoBeAc in Michigan, then moved to Pennsylvania to become school teachers. During these years Autumn had been in pain most of the time. Doctors could not find the cause.

Finally, in June 2017, Autumn was diagnosed with endometriosis and enlarged varicose veins in her ovary. We were in the process of buying a house and had been looking forward to starting a family of our own. The doctor said the only way to cure it was to have surgery which would result in not being able to have children. We opted for a second opinion. The doctor told us of a lesser invasive surgery which could potentially help and give us time to start a family.

When that surgery proved unsuccessful, we both agreed that she needed the hysterectomy. Several months after the surgery, we finally opened ourselves to the possibility of adoption. As God continued to lead us in this direction we became certain that we should adopt a child through a program called Angel Adoption. We were accepted into the program and are home study approved!

With this process come many costs and expenses: the program itself, the home study, travel to meet the family, potential medical expenses, and legal fees. We are praying for God’s provision, and would love for you to partner with us in this journey.

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