Sponsored Family:

Brian and Cara

Status: Child Adopted!

Brian and Cara have been married for 14 years. They each were born and raised in Northern Indiana and continue to reside there now. Brian has worked as an Agronomist (crop consultant) for the past 13 years. Cara stays home with their son, Spencer, and is involved in their church’s moms group. They love spending time outdoors hiking and fishing and have enjoyed watching Spencer grow to love the outdoors as well.

God began placing adoption on their hearts a couple years ago and has confirmed this path during this time. The Warrens are incredibly blessed with a 4 year old biological son but have been unable to conceive a second child. They believe it is part of God’s plan in putting adoption so heavy on their hearts. The Warren’’s say, “we are fully committed to God’s plan in growing our family through adoption and are genuinely excited to see His plan unfold. God has a family for every child, and we are so very excited to meet the one He has chosen for us!”

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