Sponsored Family:

Brandon and Laura

Status: Child Adopted!

We have fallen in love with the country of Sierra Leone and are pursuing adoption on a child we learned about in March of 2017! We sat on a waiting list to begin our process for 9 months and were able to officially begin paperwork in December of 2017. We have since been matched with our little girl and are anxiously awaiting a court date! We have been fortunate enough through donations and saving money to have traveled together to Freetown, Sierra Leone twice in 2017 meeting the sweet child we are pursuing for adoption.

We have sold our home, almost everything that we own, and moved in with parents to save money for this adoption and additional travel expenses. But, with the extensive fees and processes, we know it still won’t be enough to finalize everything. We have been told that this should be a quicker case and we are doing everything we can to make sure finances are never a factor for delays. Thank you for taking the time to read, please keep us in your prayers! And if you are feeling lead, thank you for donating to provide this sweet child a forever family! <3

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