Sponsored Family:

Brad and Ashley

Status: Child Adopted!

The Morehouses state that after learning they could not have children biologically, we began exploring our options and landed on becoming foster parents with the intent of adopting a child out of foster care. We had few kids in our home and were blessed by that experience but we both felt God telling us to look towards infant adoption as well.” A birth mother chose them to adopt her twins, and they have met her and were with her during an ultrasound. The babies are expected in late September.

Brad has a B.S. in agriculture systems from Purdue University, and is a seed advisor/sales representative for Beck’s seeds. Ashley has a B.A. in psychology from IU/Purdue, and is a grain merchant.

Their pastor states: “[The Morehouses] have tried to have children and have even had several children that they fostered through foster care. As their Pastor, I’ve seen how they have taken care of these children, and brought them to church every Sunday…In my opinion they would make great parents. The world would be a better place if we had more people like Brad and Ashley.”

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