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Barnabas and Marissa Brown

Status: Actively Raising Funds

Hi, we are Barnabas & Marissa from Northern, IN and we are excited to have you walk along side us in our adoption journey.  We met each other around 3rd grade but it wasn’t until after high school that we started dating.  It is hard to believe that we have now been married for 6 years. We have one biological son, Callen, who is 3 years old (almost 4, crazy!).  Barnabas owns his own company and Marissa works for a non-profit fighting sex trafficking.  We grew up camping together so that is probably our favorite thing to do as a family!

Adoption or Fostering had never really been a question of if but of when.  We both felt that someday God would have it in our story.  The first year of our marriage we lived with our best friends who had 4 biological and 4 adopted children.  Yep, you counted right – 12 people under one large farm house roof. But to be a part of these 4’s adoption story and to walk along side them was truly eye-opening and an honor.
And then about 2.5 years after being married we got pregnant!  Marissa’s pregnancy went without complications other than being constantly sick.  She was so sick that instead of gaining wait during the first trimester, she ended up losing about 10 pounds.  Thankfully, we delivered a healthy baby boy.  Unfortunately, Marissa then suffered from PPD.  It was a journey for our family to figure out how to celebrate this gift that was given to us while still getting Marissa the help she needed.  Barnabas was the glue to our family during that time.
Because of these issues, when it was time to begin praying about adding to our family it never felt like doing it biologically was God’s plan.  So for about a year now we have been asking our family and friends to begin praying for our adoption.  It has been what seems like the longest year of our lives.  We are trying to enjoy the moments we are in as a family of 3.  Yet, our family feels like it is missing someone.
We are excited to be working with Faithful Adoptions Consultants (Atlanta, GA) and pursuing domestic infant adoption.  We are in the process of presenting to mom’s and hope to be matched with one over the next few months – however, Callen doesn’t understand the time frame and so he always says “Baby sister should be here tomorrow”.  Don’t we wish!  Until then, we don’t know much other than one child will be a girl.  It could be one sweet baby or 3!
Thank you to Raise the Dough for your support and for everyone’s prayers!

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