Sponsored Family:

Andrew and Stephanie

Status: Child Adopted September 2017!

We met in college and soon learned we had a mutual desire to adopt. We got married in 2006, and currently live in northern Indiana. Within 2 months of moving here, we brought home our oldest son Jadon from Ethiopia. He was 2 years old. He is one of the most joyful people we have ever met! Rihaan was adopted domestically when he was almost 4 years old. He is very active and loves sports! Bennett was born into our family and is the comedian of the crew. Stephanie has the joy of being at home with our three boys and Drew works at a college nearby.

Adoption has been a huge blessing for our family. It’s beautiful to watch our sons, who are from three different birth families, enjoy each other as brothers. It’s encouraging to experience support from the Raise the Dough family and others who have a passion to help vulnerable children. We’ve grown in our love for other cultures and most importantly grown in our understanding of God’s love for His children. God sent His own Son into this world to suffer the consequences of sin so we could be set free from our brokenness and become “heirs with Christ” and “children of God.” That kind of love will never be surpassed and is the driving force for our love of others.

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