Upcoming Events

Ready to get involved or connect with Raise the Dough? Check the below list of events regularly to know where we’ll be!

Sons & Daughters Festival

Friday, September 24, 2021 | Location: TBD

Join us for a fundraising night for Raise the Dough, Inc. It will be a night focused on adoption and how we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

You can expect to learn more about adoption and Raise the Dough, there will be a short message, discussion topics, some special guests, family testimonies, music, and more! It will be a special night to gather together!

National Doughnut Day

Friday, June 4th 2021 | Location: A doughnut shop near you!

Join us on National Doughnut Day! It just takes 5 simple steps!

  • Step One: Visit your favorite doughnut shop or even try making doughnuts at home.
  • Step Two: Take a photo and post it online – tag #raisethedough, link to our donate page, and share it with your friends. Get creative in your post!
  • Step Three: Go online and make a donation to Raise the Dough – small donations and big donations all make a difference!
  • Step Four: Enjoy your doughnut and pray for current and future families.
  • Step Five: Challenge a friend or family member to join in the day. Maybe you have friends and family in another state – invite them to join you in celebrating National Doughnut Day! The beauty of this year’s format is that we can expand the borders of our reach! Let’s bring adoptions and fostering to people’s minds and raise funds for those who need support!

Get Involved Today!

From adopting a child to committing to pray, to volunteering your time or giving money, find all the ways you can fit.