About Raise the Dough

This non-profit organization is on mission to raise funds for ADOPTION because no child should be without a parent.

Our Story

The Beginnings

The fundraiser grew out of an annual celebration of friendship, as fresh doughnuts were being made and given away on National Doughnut Day. The desire was to bring people together, enjoy some time connecting and have an early morning, curbside party. And over the course of five years, that’s pretty much all it was.

In the spring of 2014, as the annual deep fried get together was being planned, we recognized that there were quite a number of guests coming and a large number of volunteers preparing to support the event. It became evident that there was so much more that could be done on this day. As we have always loved the life changing gift of adoption, we felt called to make this day more than a celebration of friends. We desired to give our friends and community an avenue to help raise support for couples pursuing the expensive process of adopting a child.

Not Just Doughnuts

We praise the Lord that the growth hasn’t stopped there. You don’t have to love doughnuts as much as we do in order to help. In fact, that is just the start of our journey. Though National Doughnut Day is a great reminder to the community of our organization, we have branched out. Our families need more support than one day can bring and every little bit helps.

Continuing the Mission

The work continues and never ends! We feel blessed to work to support parents and children in this roller coaster of connecting one another. So, we can’t stop. We work year-round to raise funds through online donations and grants. We also continue to promote awareness, garner prayer support, and raise funds through events throughout the year.

We encourage you to join us in support. There are countless ways you can get involved and “Your Support Matters”! Here are some ways you can be involved so we can continue to grow and help connect children to families.

Make a Difference Today!


There are so many things to pray for! Find out more about what you can add to your prayer list.

Learn more on our Pray page

Tell Others About Raise the Dough

Awareness comes in so many forms but the most powerful is word of mouth! So, share our story and multiply our mission!

Buy Doughnuts on National Doughnut Day

This was the root of our beginning and it is still super effective to our mission. So, save the date, and come visit us on National Doughnut Day…because who doesn’t need a great excuse to start out the day with a doughnut or two?!

Volunteer for Our Events

Our events are not successful without committed volunteers like you! Keep a lookout for the next event and secure a volunteer slot! Or even better, sign up for our standby volunteer list (link this to the form). This allows you to receive updates when we have needs and be the first to volunteer for our events.

Make a Meal or Connect with Families Through their Journey

We would love to connect you with families who need ongoing support. Once the “dough” is raised, the mission doesn’t end.

Share Our Social Media Posts

Once again, awareness broadens our reach which means we can help more families! Share our posts and help us spread the word!

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Make a Donation

Last but not least, we want to make this process less of a load by lifting the financial burden. So, give today as a one-time gift or commit to a monthly gift. Think about the difference you could make in the lives of a child and in the lives of parents who are already praying for that child.

Make a Donation Today