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2015 Event Wrap-Up

May 9, 2016

2015 Event Recap:

National Doughnut Day Gains Family Significance

National Doughnut Day is now being used as a great way to assist families in raising funds for adoptions.

Warsaw, IN, June 30, 2015—Raise the Dough, Inc. is seeking to make National Doughnut Day impactful for families hoping to adopt. The holiday falls on the first Friday in June, and generally comes and goes without notice. But according to Raise the Dough, Inc., that won’t be the case any longer.

The non-profit founder Tobias Forshtay says, “We want everyone to celebrate this day; enjoying great doughnuts and helping us raise the dough for adoption.” Raise the Dough, Inc. began the process of obtaining tax-exempt status with a mission to help couples with fundraising their adoptions. Most of the public-facing activity of the organization happens on doughnut holidays such as National Doughnut Day.

While doughnuts always threaten to steal the spotlight, this year’s event focus was for the organization’s 2015 feature family, Daniel and Jessica Manduka. They were both on-site with many friends and family to support them. Among the group was Manduka’s mother from Germany, Kathy Manduka.

“Our 2015 fundraising event was a huge success. It was wonderful to witness the turnout, as over 200 friends and guests came through the parking lot at Silveus Insurance Group to help ‘Raise the Dough’ for the Manduka family. Some came and went, others stuck around to visit, enjoying a cup of Cerulean coffee, a glass of Hartzler Chocolate Milk, and trying a homemade doughnut by cake maker, Hannah Scantlen.” said Forshtay.

Also on-site this year was the 2014 feature family, Kelly and Heidi Morrow who had shared encouraging progress in their adoption journey. Fundraising helped them hurdle many costly needs and they’ve been recently paired with a birth mother.

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